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Birthday cakes

Birthday cakes

All of our birthday cakes and celebration cakes are widely talked about, decorated to your personal requirements. We can create cakes that are ideal for birthdays, christenings, anniversaries and cakes for every occasion. All our birthday cakes and celebration cakes are made using the finest quality organic ingredients wherever possible. Contact us to discuss your requirements.

If you have any questions or concerns. I am only a phone call or e-mail away!

Corporate cakes

Corporate cakes

Cake Connection supplies cakes for corporate events in Vancouver and its surrounding areas. Our corporate cakes are designed to your specifications and made using only the finest quality organic ingredients wherever possible. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.



Wedding cakes are a joyous tradition around the world. In many cultures, some type of decorated confection is served to symbolize fertility and good luck, and to allow well-wishers to share the good fortune of the happy couple. The art of the wedding cake reached its height in the stylized sentiment of the Victorians’ view of love, as well as their love of ornament.

According to confectionary tradition, wedding cakes in the United States are butter or sponge cake, and the Top tier is frozen until the couple’s first anniversary. One wedding-cake custom, however, has changed dramatically: The cake no longer has to be all white. Today cakes may be decorated to match the theme, colors, location, and season of the celebration. The decorations may suggest the architectural motifs of an ornate grand ballroom or the setting of a simple wedding on the beach, each having its own special meaning for the bride and groom. Sugar flowers and other ornaments can be sculpted to look so realistic that the cake may be the conversation piece of the wedding, sometimes even overshadowing the bride’s gown. And everyone loves to take home a flower from the cake as a cherished memento.

Sugar Flowers

Sugar Flowers

We do make various kinds of sugar flowers out of gum paste. The colours and flower can be custom made to suit your personal choice and the occasion.

Types of flowers…………

Tiger Lily


Sweet pea


Anthurium lily

Calla lily

Cattleya orchid

Mokara orchid

Moth orchid






Bird of Paradise

And many more……………………………….

For pricing of these flowers, please contact me directly. However pricing depends on the number of flowers and the length of each spray.



The average pricing for a simple Styrofoam cake will be $250/- and up.

This would include a 3-tier Styrofoam wedding cake with a flower setting on the Top tier and a piece of actual cake for the bride and groom to cut and share with each other.

(This is a great way to go, as the couple can save some $$ and preserve their wedding cake for posterity.)